Hi! I'm Johanna Tropiano. I've been working in human rights for over 7 years,  and I'm passionate about two things: fighting modern day slavery.....and fashion. This site is a blend of those two passions.

Because of the work I do fighting modern day slavery, I made a choice to never buy another item of clothing if I couldn't figure who made it and what the conditions of the factories were. This has turned into a journey exploring the brands that care about these issues as much as I do, and only buying from them. It's also turned into a journey of anti-consumerism and getting creative with the pieces I own so I can style them in different ways. In some sense, this is an anti-fashion fashion blog. Over the years, I have come to care more about quality than quantity. And that has made me a more joyful and confident person, because my identity is rooted in myself and not in things.

So I'm excited to share my journey and tips for curating your own conscious closet with you. Thanks for stopping by! If you have any questions or would like to collaborate or connect, shoot me an email at johanna@consciousclosets.co or check out my contact page. Cheers!