Conscious Closets + Botanica Workshop

Saturday's in. That's my dream. It rarely happens these days with all that's going on around me, work, relationships, events, travel, etc. All these things are wonderful, but can pull one in so many directions. When I think of vacation and rest now, I think of home. I think of a quiet morning in bed with coffee from the French Press and a good book. I think of dancing in my living room to Blue Suede Shoes, or let's be honest, anything Taylor Swift. These pictures are a reflection of a Saturday well spent, at a home I love surrounded by people I love.

I'm so thankful to Botanica Workshop for letting me spend my dream Saturday in their beautiful loungewear. Consciously made pieces I will treasure. Ladies, do yourself a favor and put one of their items on your Christmas list. And when you wear it, let it remind you of the importance of surrounding yourself with beauty and rest. 

All images by Brian Tropiano