How Many Slaves Work for Me

The heart behind Conscious Closets is people. I firmly believe everyone is valuable. Everyone is worthy from fashion bloggers to celebrities and athletes, to the little girl in India mining for the mica that goes into all our sparkly makeup. We all have something good to offer this world. We all have a story to tell. We should all be able to live our lives in freedom. This is 2015 after all. 

So one brave day I asked myself the question. Based on my lifestyle and my closet, how many slaves work for me? Can I know? Do I want to know?

The answer was yes. Because truth brings change, and I was ready for change. 

I went to, it's an enlightening tool started by my company, Made In A Free World, that can literally tell you how many slaves work for you based on the way you live, how many cars you drive, TVs you own, how many pairs of shoes you have or blouses or dresses hanging in your closet. The site takes about 6 minutes to input all the data and then spits out the number.

The most meaningful and terrifying number I've ever seen in my life.

How many men, women, and children toil in horrific conditions so I can have my $20 boots or $5 tee or even a $1000 Chloe bag. No company is immune. But what I learned going through this process wasn't just the amount of slaves working for me, but also that I had too. much. stuff. Period. I was shocked and frankly surprised at how extravagant my lifestyle was. No one needs as much as I have. And especially not on the backs of children. 43 to be exact.


How many do you have?