The 2016 Official Dressember Dress

Brought to you by Conscious Closets + Symbology!

I am super excited about this year's dress. Knowing that I needed something versatile and comfy, Marissa and her team at Symbology helped me design a gorgeous dress that not only looks amazing, but feels amazing, and can be worn so many different ways. In this post, I've styled it two ways. The first look is how I'd wear it for a night out on the town. And the second, for a more casual weekend day of play. Check out all the fun below and head over to Symbology to get one of your own. But act fast, this is a very limited addition.

For look one I was inspired by the starkness of the black and white star print, so I styled the dress with mixed metals, primarily silver and gold. I like the play of opposites. I used statement earrings and a statement bracelet from Rebecca, an Italian jewelry brand. And I went for more minimal, but no less chic, necklaces from California designer, Hadley Frances. My clutch is a gold and silver vintage metal clutch that I picked up at the Long Beach Flea. And lastly, I chose strappy black heels. You can find a great similar brand at Susi Shoes

SURPRISE! This dress is reversible! And I love this grey print too. It has a cool Southwestern vibe to it. For look two, I styled my dress with small handmade earrings from Bless the Theory, one of my favorite necklaces from Enrou, and a fun statement bracelet from Noonday Collection (I love these bracelets). I love this boho clutch from Cleobella, the fun belt that I've had for years, and lastly......THOSE BOOTS (yes I still wear them to remind me of how my journey started).