Empowered Women Empower Women

Empowered women empower women.

Clothing certainly doesn't change us intrinsically, but it's amazing how what we choose to wear can either enhance or diminish our personalities. 

I know that I am strong, but there are days where I struggle with depression or anxiety. If I get up and get dressed and put on an outfit like this, I immediately feel that strength returning. Then I can go out and give and serve. 

I believe the stories behind our clothes add to that as well. These pants are made by thriving women rescued from sex trafficking. Call me crazy, but I can literally feel their strength and courage when I wear them. And I too am empowered. 

Every purchase in this post goes toward empowering women. And I truly believe, they will empower you too. 

Top is from TWENTYTWO|FORTYFOUR's Black Ash Collection; Pants are Punjammies from Sudara, available at Enrou; Necklace is available at Enrou; Bracelet is available at Tribe of Dreamers; Clutch is from Hayden Harnett, sold out but get a similar one here; Shoes old

Conscious Closets + Enrou

I love Jessica Willison and Ann Wang, the entrepreneurs behind LA fashion brand Enrou. One thing I'm learning on the Conscious Closet's journey, is that shopping is hard! Finding pieces that are both affordable AND fashionable? Nearly impossible.

Enter Enrou and clothing designer Mayamiko! Not only are the materials ethically sourced, but the pieces are handmade in Malawi providing over 15 hours of work for women there. 

I loved learning more about Enrou and the ways they are using fashion for good. Take a moment and check them out!

All photography by Brian Tropiano

Outfit details above: Mayamiko Celtic Thistle A-line Skirt: $46.75; matching shell top: $32.73. I paired it with a turtleneck from Gap, an old faux fur vest and old boots. 

This little Mayamiko designed Shift Dress is made from 100% reclaimed Italian wool and retails for $80.75. I paired it with my white hat from Westerlind, dainty necklaces from The Brave Collection also available at Enrou, my favorite bracelet from Tribe of Dreamers, and black Nisolo Austins for something unexpected. I'd love to see it paired with this little denim jacket from Urban Renewal. Maybe my next Conscious Closets purchase?