Empowered Women Empower Women

Empowered women empower women.

Clothing certainly doesn't change us intrinsically, but it's amazing how what we choose to wear can either enhance or diminish our personalities. 

I know that I am strong, but there are days where I struggle with depression or anxiety. If I get up and get dressed and put on an outfit like this, I immediately feel that strength returning. Then I can go out and give and serve. 

I believe the stories behind our clothes add to that as well. These pants are made by thriving women rescued from sex trafficking. Call me crazy, but I can literally feel their strength and courage when I wear them. And I too am empowered. 

Every purchase in this post goes toward empowering women. And I truly believe, they will empower you too. 

Top is from TWENTYTWO|FORTYFOUR's Black Ash Collection; Pants are Punjammies from Sudara, available at Enrou; Necklace is available at Enrou; Bracelet is available at Tribe of Dreamers; Clutch is from Hayden Harnett, sold out but get a similar one here; Shoes old